Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Time for a Holiday.

So finally we are having a family holiday ( vacation in USA English- in Britain we say Holiday)!! Before we head off to Madison Wisconsin for Jason to start his master ( then be student poor for a while- boohoo :(

But before that.....CALIFORNIA here we come !!!!!!!!! Yippee. It's just a few days, gonna visit Jason's brother and take the girls to Disneyland for a day or two :) Can't wait for the girls to see the Disney Characters :)

Also my son Bradley is here with us !! Yippee. It's lovely having him here with us. Today he is working on his Aunt's farm! Ashton gets here soon, roll on end of July :)

Also Jade is due to have here baby girl this month!! June 29th is her date...super excited for that....I'll be Grandma Helen for a second time :)......

So till I post pictures of Hol's ....see ya later sweet potato lol lol

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