Monday, May 27, 2013

What's Your Excuse!

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I have mentioned in my 'About Me' I am a budding writer and I have so much to still learn. I love receiving emails from, as they are in partnership with Joanna Penn, check out her site too at;

The email I received today, which I especially liked. Here is a taster, and below it is the link to read the whole article. Enjoy reading and may it inspire you to pick up a pen, paper and write.

What's Your Excuse?
I feel at times, I have said too  many times,
I don't know how to,
I not good enough,
I don't have time, money etc..

Click here to read the article:

Both sites are informative for those who, like me need guidance and words of encouragement, that we are able to accomplish our dream come to fruition, even though it may take a little or a long while to get there. But we can get there, so we shouldn't give up when we look at a blank line or page...JUST WRITE!

So with that in mind...I'm off to work on my book! :)

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