Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why did Disney Change Merida's look!

Then & Now....Such a crying shame Disney!

I read an article this morning about how Disney has changed the look of Merida, the unruly red haired girl from the Disney movie 'Brave'. I saw the new and improved look or so they say Disney has made, and let me say this:

I am not impressed at all! It's such a shame that Disney felt they needed to change Merida. WHY! I love her rich unruly hair, the fairness of her skin, her wide set eyes and her feisty temperament and her very young girly womanly figure. A young girl with, strength, hopes, dreams and innocence, now she does not look like that.

I know she still has those wonderful qualities, in the inside, but her outside, has changed and not for the better. 

I'm a redhead.... I was blessed with freckles and fair skin too...and yes I love my freckles & red hair. This is me aged 7 and me now age 42! 

We should love embrace & love what we have been blessed with, there is too much pressure on us as woman as it is... Why start that pressure on our young innocent, sweet daughters. Disney  has made changes to the looks to all of their Disney Princess's! An outcry. 

Here is a link to the article & where you can sign a petition against the new look of Merida.


Look at the picture & see what you think. I would love to hear YOUR opinions.

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