Thursday, September 26, 2013

Today's walk.

So this past week, I have been trying to be better at getting more exercise, so I have been taking the girls for long walks along the woodland/lake trails.

And every time we are out we always see an abundance of gray squirrels!  Much to the girls' delight.  Today we were really close to one and Carys held out her hands to try and get it.. But much to her frustration being in the stroller we just took a picture instead.

Along our walk we saw quite a few speed boats and fishing boats and a lone rower on Lake Mendota, Seren who had a caring personality called out, "be careful."

When we reached Raymers Cove, Seren & Carys were a lot more adventurous today and yes...... Wanted to get their feet wet.. Although in Carys situation as she bent down to pick up rocks to throw in, her whole back of her skirt and diaper got soaking wet! the walk back she sat in the stroller, bare bottomed and wrapped in a blanket lol lol

All in all a wonderful walk.

The rower looks as if he is wearing nothing! - But he was wearing beige shorts

My Cute Daughters x

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