Monday, September 2, 2013

Henry Villas Zoo.

Today we visited the Henry Villas Zoo, in Madison,  WI.
It was an overcast day, which made walking around the zoo.. A lot better than sweating like no other. There's not tons to see or do, but I felt it was just right we spent 2hrs there and it flew by Plus get this.. It's FREE!

 They do have donations posts and boxes around the zoo, for you to donate or just buy something from the gift store, like we did. Seren got a cuddly lion and Carys got a really soft polar bear, which her daddy chose for her, as she had fallen asleep.

They have a great play area for the kids with climbing wall and rope ladder and slides..the girls loved this too.
Seren handles seeing the animals much better this year..compared to go to Hoggle Zoo, in Utah.. But this year, it was Carys' s turn to not like going to close to the animals...check out the picture of Carys by the goats LOL.
Seren loved the  tiger and lions, and insisted that  her daddy put her to sit on the tiger when they went on the carousel.
All in al,l Labor Day was a lovely day out.

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