Monday, September 23, 2013

Hugh Jackman in the Movie 'Prisoners'

I posted about this movie a little while back saying I wanted to see it, So Jason and I went to see 'Prisoners' over the weekend.





Well what can I say about it, other than, TENSE THRILLER!! Even though it was a movie of a slower pace, not like Jackman's, Wolverine. Hugh Jackman made his character, very believable, playing the distraught father, in search of his missing child, making us as the viewer all the more drawn into his actions, that had huge consequences. Jake Gyllenhaal's acting was on point, even down to the twitching eyes, he played the role of the detective in charge of finding the missing girls.

All the other supporting cast, played convincing roles too, making it quite an intense movie. It does have swearing and violence, why it's R rated.

As a mother and parent, this movie hits home!!! What would it be like to go through something as devastating as having your child kidnapped. I don't ever want to find out, and for those in life who has something like that has happened to them, my heart goes out to you.

Here is the promo trailer :

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