Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Refurbished Antique Window Shutters

 The week we moved to Madison, WI, I passed by an antique shop, called Janets Antiques, on my way to Target and I promised myself to stop by one day, which I did, four weeks later.

What a beautiful store and I found the sweetest small Antique Window Shutters, for the bargain price of $30 ! Now I did like the original color, but the shutters were in need of major cleaning and sanding, and some of the slats would not budge.

So I set wo work on cleaning and painstakingly scraping off old paint, once I did that I let the shutters completely dry out. While they dried in the sun, I mixed my paints to get a lovely sage green. You can see I used a vanilla, green and blue, mixing in equal parts with a little water to thin it out as I didn't want a thick coverage, more of a light wash color.

First I watered down my vanilla and painted the shutters in that and let it dry. Next I used the green paint mix and I gave the shutters two coats of paint, letting them dry between coats.

You can see the finished color in this picture, I even painted over the hinges and hook.

Here comes the fun part, making it look old and weathered. Again my trusted steel wool and light grade sanding paper. The shutter on the left, is after I sanded, the one on the right was next. It's not a huge difference, but enough to see the color underneath peeking through.

All that there was left to do was hang a D-Ring hook on the back and give it a coat of Minwax Paste Finishing Wax.

Their new home, my kitchen.


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