Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Raymers Cove

The girls and I went for an over due walk to Lake Mendota yesterday. It only took 15mins walking, with me pushing the girls in the stroller.

What a beautiful view ! We found steps leading down to the water's edge, called 'Raymer's Cove'. The girls were so excited. Seren kept throwing the small pebbles into the water saying,"Here fishes, eat your food." Lol.. Not that we could see any fish, if Seren sees any forms of large water, she presumes fish live in it.
Carys follow's her sisters' example...babbling words "is" for fish and throwing pebbles too.
I think this will become a frequent activity for us. 

                                                  Visiting Raymers Cove on Lake Mendota.


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