Sunday, September 1, 2013

Promised Pictures the Re-Purposed Crib

The Repurposed Crib Pictures.

So I posted a ways back about how I was going to  re-purpose Seren's & Carys' old crib. I posted the bookcase I made, but I have also made the remaining parts of the crib into a cute bench/ toy chest and a wall hanging in the girls' room & for me a useful different approach for a notice board.

I will post 1 picture on this post of the finished products, but will do a separate post for the 'how I made it'.

Side of the crib, now is a wall hanging. Click HERE.

Two ends of the crib and a  box base ( made by me)
Is now a toy box/ bench in the girls' room. Click HERE.

The old springs under the mattress, is now my new notice board!

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