Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pallet Shelves

So, I have been wanting to try my crafty hand at making reclaimed Pallets Shelves, for quite sometime. Before we moved, I  had started the project, and now I have finally finished them. I love how they have turned out!

To start I found some old dirt encrusted pallets at a local builders site, I stopped & asked if I could have one - yes came the reply.. So off I went and carried the very heavy, loaded with dried on dirt pallet into my car...and let me say this...NOT 1 guy offered to help, they just watched me move it by myself!! For shame.. Lol.

TIP: MAKE SURE YOUR PALLETS ARE HT, not the MB kind. HT is HEAT TREATED. You don't want MB- Chemical Treated ones !!! They should be stamped on the actual pallet. So check before taking.

Next came to clean the muck off, and get to work. I decided where I wanted to cut to make two shelves, then get out my jigsaw and made my cuts. Be careful , with any of the rusted nails. To pound them out with a hammer or pull using a set of pliers.

Then came the sanding took some time to get the pallets nice and smooth, but it's worth taking the time. 

I bought some Minwax Ebony wood stain, then gave the two newly cut shelves one coat each and left them to dry. You can see the difference! What a gorgeous color. 

Then using some paints I mixed to get the color I wanted, I painted just one pallet. And let it dry. 

Once dried I got my sander back out and sanded both pallets around the edges to give giving it the worn shabby look I wanted. The last thing I did was to hang 3 D-Rings on the pallets and hang them.

 I  absolutely love how they turned out. So keep your eyes open at builders sites for old pallets and get to chopping and painting, see what you can make!

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