Saturday, September 7, 2013

Adjusting to our new home.

Saturday September 7th.

Adjusting to our new home in Madison, WI

Well the move was long, tiring and emotional, plus I had to eat what British chocolate - ( Mostly Cadburys) I had on the way, cause it was melting !! Ah what a shame lol...but it was a the day we finally got to Madison, as I was following Jason, I cut off and ended up lost  in a new town, let's just say, I really needed some of that Chocolate. The whole packing and moving, finally hit me as I sat in the car as Jason took the girls inside the community center to pick up our key. My emotions got the better of me, and the flood gates open up!! I was a wreck lol.. Needless to say a good 30 min of crying sorted me out.

It took quite a few hours of unloaded our big 24ft van, with the help of our neighbors. I can officially say we are all moved in to our very Lil cozy apartment, it took some organizing and it was good, I got rid of a lot of our things before we moved, as there was no way it would have fit.. We even had to rent a storage unit too.  

So our block of apartments is very much like any other..nothing special and when I first saw eagle heights.. I cried. It looked old, run down and something from the ghetto! I was very unsure about even going into our place, but I stressed out for nothing. Our place is nice, new carpet, painted walls etc. Even if it's small it is our new home.

The surroundings of our place, reminds me of Wales (my home town), humid and tons of trees!! Even though there is no ocean, Madison has plenty of Great Lakes, we are about 10 min walk from Lake Mendota. Everywhere outside there's a constant noise of nature, from all the bugs, birds and what not...It's quite loud.. Yet soothing. Although all the bug bites are taking its toll already lol

All my neighbors on my block are Chinese !! And their hubbies are all PHD professors.. I have tried to make friends and make conversation with some of the women, but the language barrier gets in the way....When they speak,  all I hear is ...'chin chang, Lin Lang, hee now'..I feel like answering with.".um yes..I'll have a # 23 with a fried rice please' lol lol. I'm sure in time, we may progress to me saying' Hi, how are you today' in Chinese and her the same back in English. One of the Chinese families has a little girl, Seren's age and they have made friends the day we got here. 

The States Capitol

The woodland surrounding our apartments

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