Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tv Shows


Shows I watch. I know what your thinking...Gosh Helen you watch a lot of DO !! :) But I still manage to be a full time mammy  who plays with my girls, bath, and feed them etc, a full time wife too, cook, clean etc etc etc.... And do crafts, read books & write my book.. So I think I deserve down time and enjoy my shows. So take a peek at the shows I watch, and some new ones starting this Oct !! Woo-Hoo

Ah Love this show..hunky guys...what else lol

Once I got into this show.. It grew on me...look forward to the unraveling of its  story.

Easy, lovable down south Show.... :)

NEW SHOW to watch :)


CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS CW'S spin off from Vampire Diaries !!!

LOVE THIS..I love the funny quips and chemistry between, Caslte & Beckett..glad it's been renewed.

Now for those who haven't seen the mid season Finale...well wait to be shocked.....!!!

I LOVE this show...good cast..and the comical chemistry between Magarret & Dano is great!

DALLAS...I watched the original years ago..(My dad loved it too)...and I am hooked on this new Dallas, with some old cast too.. I finished watching the 2nd season & I cried like a baby, ESP since Larry HAgman did die in real life, AKA JR sad. But I think John -Ross ( JR & Sue Ellen Son) will make up for the loss of JR's conniving but charming character. Can't wait for Season 3..more wrangling with the Ewing & Barnes families

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