Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Old vs New.

Before we moved I did  quite a bit of revamps using our old stuff. Now I am finally getting around to posting How. I started with our bedside lamps and our living room lamp.

This is what they look like now.
(Scroll down to see how I revamped them)

Living Room Lamp.

 Our Bedroom Table Side Lamps


 With the Living Room Shade was Simple: First I paid a visit to the Local DI store in Utah, purchased a $3, lamp shade ( I already had the base) Went looking for nice material, as well as the Modge Podge which I purchased from Hobby Lobby

 The next stage was to cut out the fabric to fit the shade, then taking the best glue ever lol.. Modge Podge, I simply glued it onto the shade, stretching as I went. I used clothes pegs to hold the ends in place (Opps again forgot to take pictures of that stage). Now as you can see it didn't go on as straight as I would have liked !! But on the finished piece you can see I made the flowers, using the same fabric to disguise my mistake... But I actually like how it's turned out.

To Make the flowers: Take a scrap of your left over material, thread and needle and you sew a 'gathering stitch' till you reach the end. Next you fold and twist the fabric and make a flower. I glued it on using, Modge Pogde and stuck long sewing pins to hold them in place while it dried.. And Viola !!


How they looked before minus the edging.

 So for this I ripped off the OLD shade material, till all you have left is the wire frame. I traced around side of the shade using paper to get a pattern, Then I followed around it adding and 1/2 overlap to have room to glue. I did the same for each side. Next I pinned each side together and did a dry fit to see how much I needed to adjust it. I quickly sewed it together then turned it the right way out. Once I fitted onto the wire shade frame I neatly fold the corners and then glued it using Modge Podge them down inside so it covered the frame. I did the same with the bottom and again using cheap and simple clothes pegs I pegged the edges while it dried. I used the same process to make the same for the turquoise lamp,

Finished Bedside Lamps

With the base of the turqiouse lamp, all I did was to spray paint it, let it dry, then using steel wool, rub the paint off in areas, giving it the distressed shabby chic look.

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