Sunday, April 13, 2014

Visit to the ER!

Our baby girl, Carys had her first visit to the ER today!
She and her sister Seren went with daddy for a drive
(To give mammy a little break)
As they were getting out of the car 
 Oops A Daisy!
Carys fell.
Flat on her face, which left her needing a little more than a band aid.

Waiting in the ER, with a numbing cream on her laceration!

Then Carys was not a happy bunny when then placed a collar on her.

Of coarse, she didn't injure her neck or anything, but as protocol goes, it was necessary.
Until she was seen by the doctor.
Carys ended up with 3 stitches, which she kicked and screamed while it took4 of us to hold her while the doctor stitched her up. They did give her medicine to help calm her and hopefully knock her out--
 But no, Carys wouldn't comply with that lol.

 4 & 1/2  hrs later, we're home and she is finally sleeping,
Completely worn out from her big day.

Our poor sweet little baby girl.

Now we just have to wait for the whopping hospital bill!
And with no insurance and Jason a full time Graduate Student 
I'm not looking forward to those $$$$ signs.

But all in a day and the life of being a parent right.


  1. my heart is breaking seeing her like that :( so sorry this happened.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Carys is doing much better today after a much needed sleep. Her eye is a little more swollen today, making it look like she's been boxing a bunny! But everyday she'll get better.

  2. She healed surprisingly fast... I'm just glad she's OK


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