Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pallet Makeover 2014

I've been holding on to these FREE ugly fugly, Pallets since last fall.
With the intention to break the pallets down and make something 'cool' from them.

But, if i'm honest, I've pretty much run out of steam & places to put anything in our tiny student apartment.

So with my only spot left to makeover -- was right outside our front door.

Although the other one was much lighter.

Mixed up some white paint to make a wash. I didn't want to waste tons of paint, as when Jason's
Done with his masters, these pallets WON'T be coming with us when we move.

I also had some pine crates from a grocery store which I gave two of them a little wash too.
All I did was give each pallet a quick white wash and left to dry.
Add some newly planted flowers pop them in the top of the pallet and Viola. 

My Little Pallet Seating & Display

I knew this needed a little something -- so I go looking inside to see what I can repurpose

I used my bathroom clock wood project I did last year.
Gave it a lick of paint and screwed some hinges on to make it look like, Gardenish!

And painted on our Apartment #


I flipped the crates on their sides, gave them a lick of white wash paint.
The crates will be useful for my little girls sit on and take muddy/wet/sandy shoes off 
Before they go inside!

The opposite side has  little more sun, hence the glare in the photo.
This is where my girls like to keep their, buckets & spades for when they go and play in
The big sand pit downstairs.

I know myself, I will probably add a few more pots of flowers or something cute to the front of the pallet.
Because, the left side is begging for a little something extra!!

Again rummaging through all my stuff, I came across a chaklborad picture frame, not being used.
Draw a quick message and add some cheap hooks (taken off something ages ago)
Add a cute little family name tag. 
Makes a nice warm welcome to all.

All in all, I think my 2 hours today has transformed my drab outside area
To a much prettier and useful area, for the summer months.

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