Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day 2014

All of us have a mother or a mother that maybe not be a biological mother, but no matter how

She still is a mother figure for you. 

I still struggle with Mothers Day and what I mean by struggle is this.
I miss my mother.

She passed away Jan 2010.

I don't know why I still struggle. 
Maybe because I can't call her up and say, "Hi mam, Happy Mothers day, I love you."
Maybe because, I miss her hugs, her wisdom about health issues and what's the best vitamins and foods to eat to combat certain ailments.
Maybe it's because I think, I'll get cards from all of my older kids, (A tradition my mam loved, if you didn't get a gift, a simple card, filled with words of love & appreciation works)
I did get emails from my kids who live in Wales & that the fact that Mothers day over there is in March

My kids here in Utah, :) They call me on Mothers Day :)

I love my kids, every one of them! :)

Or maybe that my younger little tinkers, Seren & Carys will somehow tell their daddy, "It's Mothers Day daddy, let's go and get something nice for mam" (They are only 4 & 2, so that will be a while coming) And for it not to be left to the day of, and half the day is over & end up with chocolate & bottle of soda.
(Hey chocolate is a must, but we 'DO' want more than just chocolate)

Is it that maybe, I would like breakfast in bed?
To have to NOT do any cooking or cleaning or all the other mother stuff we do every other single day!

Or to feel that we don't rate a gift, flowers, a piece of jewelry, our guys don't have to spend a fortune.

We ladies/mothers just want to feel, loved, appreciated, not taken for granted.
Even just for one day, our day, mothers day.

We want to be treated like a Queen?

I love my mother, she wasn't the best cook, bless her, she could even boil water, dry &  burn pizza (you got to ask my older girls about that one) LOL

As a child, I loved to write her little notes on her pillow. (My spelling was terrible then)
I loved to make her breakfast in bed.
I loved it when she'd take us for walks up the Triangle field and sing 'By the rivers of Babylon' and 'there's a tiny house'. I still love to sing those songs now.
Picking blackberries & making blackberry jam or pie.

But she was my sounding board, my rock an example of strength when, my dad had a brain aneurysm at the age of 41, then my mother found out she was pregnant while my father was still in ICU!
She put herself through college again, as she was the bread winner now. 
Then to be told those awful words, You have Cancer & how it invaded her health.

My Mother stood strong, she fought for her health, she stood up for her beliefs, she had a strong testimony of her Savoir, Jesus Christ.

She was there for me when I needed her.

I Miss her.
I love her. 

My Grandmother Nancy and my Mother, Elsa

My mam & dad x

My Mam, me and my girls, Laurie, Jade, Ashton.
My sister, Judith in back.

To all mothers, whether your children have flown the coop, or may have a bun in the oven, to those who have yet to be blessed with that pitter patter of tiny feet -- one day you shall.
I wish you all
 Wonderful day
Mothers Day



Watch this and you'll be nodding your head in agreement, then you will feel uplifted.

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  1. I'm sad that I never had the chance to meet your mother.


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