Saturday, May 24, 2014



A pesky weed or a healthy plant?
Many green thumbed gardeners would probably answer my question by saying,
 "They're, PESKY WEEDS".

But for me they are a pop of color amongst a field of green and when their bright color of yellow turn into those wonderful 'Puffs' of seedlings in which kids of all ages love to blow away. They become fun.

Dandelion puffs away.....

Make my wish come true someday.

I grew up with lush green lawns dotted with dandelions and daisies and buttercups!!
 And for a child, that is heaven. 
Buttercup and daisy chain necklaces and head crowns. 
Buttercups held under our chins to 'see if we love butter or not'.
 Pulling each petal off a daisy to find out if, 'he loves me, loves me not'.

But not only are dandelions fun, they have a good side too.

Whether you eat the green leaves in a salad or boil the flower heads or even make a tea. Their health benefits are great. Now I'm not saying go out to a garden and go wild picking every dandelion in sight, because unless it's your garden and you don't use any chemical pesticide, you're not going to want to use them.
(Think dog poop and pee etc)

Grow your own in a big pot, or go to an organic farmer that does grow them or just pop into a local heath food store and pick some of the green leaves up.

I love to drink dandelion tea it helps with digestion, weight loss etc and very refreshing even though it has a slight bitter taste. But add same raw organic honey and you won't notice the bitterness.

But don't just take my word for it, give the tea a try or next time your in the health food store, pick up some dandelion leaves and mix them in your salad.

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