Friday, April 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Seren And Carys

This year Seren turned 6 and Carys turned 4 and the theme for their joint party

Princess - Pink Princess.

And let me say I think  I went overboard with the pink. Talk about  Pink explosion! 

I used plastic tablecloths from the dollar store and hung them over the windows, made banners and lots of balloons.

Although, it looked fabulous even I say so myself :)

See how I made the Tutu Cupcake Stand HERE

Table settings
Fit for a Princess or two or three or four :)

I made cupcakes for the girls.

Lots of yummy Sugary treats

Pink Princess Popcorn

Princess Pretzel Wands

More Princess paper wrappers

What it looked like before the Little Princess arrived!


Musical Statues

Funny Face Time
This is my granddaughter, Paisley



 Princess Photo Booth Time

Pass The Parcel

Happy Birthday to CARYS

Happy Birthday To SEREN

Here are all the Little Princess's in the Princess Photo Booth.
Click HERE to see how I made it.

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