Friday, September 5, 2014

Seren's First Week At 4K

Seren has finished her first week of 4k.
Wisconsin has a free 4k early childhood learning program :)
This was her on her first day! All excited to make new friends and have
Fun, exploring and learning new things.

Seren by her locker. 
She love's fiddling with her hair :)

Sitting on the round carpet with a name badge on.

Loves showing her name badge off!
 It now has pride of place on her bedroom door.
Some of her friends in class. Give me another few weeks and I should know
All 17 kids name. 18 in Seren's class.

This week Seren learned all about Humpty Dumpty. 
This is her drawing of Humpty Dumpty.

Seren, loves to color and draw. If you look closely
Seren has managed to draw the letter 'e' upside down :)
Both her pieces of artwork, are proudly displayed on the fridge.

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