Friday, September 5, 2014

Follow Up - Broken Arm

I know! 
I look like I have a part of a robotic arm.

The good news is, I don't have to have surgery, Yeah!
On my x-rays, I was lucky that the fracture didn't extend through the radial head, it stopped short of it!
Phew, hence me not needing surgery.

But, I have to wear this elbow brace whenever I go out and to bed for the next
Two weeks until my next orthopedic follow-up.
Although, I am thinking I may end up clonking my head  with the elbow brace during the night! 

Still, no heavy lifting. So there goes me trying to do kettlebells

I have to exercise my elbow, arm and hand everyday.
 I must say it's a cool looking brace, and I will get a work out just wearing it.
It's not a light thing that's for sure, the only thing missing from in now
Is a gun strapped to it!

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