Saturday, August 30, 2014


How many of us, when were kids and we saw other kids with a cast on their arm?

Most of us.

How many of us thought it would be 'cool' to break our arm and get out of doing homework and chores.

Most of us, right.

Well, my dream came true, but too many years too late!

Yes, last Thursday I decided to dust off my roller skates and skate over to my friend's place and pick up my book for book club. When I was a kid, I was really good on roller skates and I have roller skated over the years too, so hey, to save some time, I laced up my skates and headed out.

Did good, mind you the sidewalks here at UW, Madison University Family housing, lets say they are not conducive for roller skating. Bam -- wheels hit a strategically placed stone on the ground and, wham!

 My legs go up, hands go down. Hip and hands hit hard. Ouch! Two fingers on my left side dug into the gravel and the skin gets torn off the fingertips. Was I concerned, a little, but I was more worried that I didn't break my cell phone again! I did feel a little jolt on my left hand and bump to my elbow, but I got up, pride dented big time and skated over to book club.

I cleaned up my bloodied fingers, cut off the flaps of skin used antibiotic cream and band aids. Then enjoyed discussing the book,  The Year of Living Biblically. Fun and easy book by the way. Then I must of moved my hand and PAIN! I couldn't move my arm, the pain was intense. It took  my breath away. I didn't move arm again, but the next time it happened,   I only flexed my fingers! My friend said, come on I'm taking you to the ER.

5 hours later, my arm is in a splint, pain is not good. Didn't get any sleep and the pain MEDs, make me look and feel like a zombie!

I have a Radial Head Fracture :(

This is what I get for trying to do a healthy exercise. Boo-hoo. I have a follow up on Friday, I hope I don't need a CT scan like they wanted in the ER as they said it could get worse and end up with a compound fracture, which means I would need surgery! Fingers crossed I won't need that.

So, for the next 4-6 weeks, boy, it's going to be hard. No crafts. Seren starts pre-school next Tuesday, it's going to be fun trying to get the girls ready. I can't even fix my own hair, let alone theirs! Lol. You should see me trying to dress! And no showers, until my arm is fixed!

But on the upside, No chores or cooking :) LOL YOu should of seen me try to male Carys make a cheese and onion sandwich... I couldn't even hold the onion with my left fingers!

In between, lightheadedness and sleepiness from MEDs, I am hoping to catch up on reading and maybe gets some major writing done on my book, with one hand.

SO, take a lesson from me - don't roller skate on a sidewalk that has stones!

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  1. I'm so glad you didn't end up needing surgery...!!!


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