Thursday, September 11, 2014

Open wide And Say Ahhhhhh.....

Seren's first visit to the dentist here in Madison, WI
How did she do?

Amazingly - Good.
Seren had watched a cartoon called Peppa Pig and how the Peppa visited the dentist.
Seren had no worries about climbing onto the chair.

The dental assistant, explained everything she was going to do.

Carys, not wanting to be left out, climbed up too. Mind you it might have had something
With cartoons playing on the TV screen.

 Carys grew weary when the dental assistant came closer, then Carys came and sat by me.
Carys cried as the dentist checked her teeth as she sat on my lap. 
Her teeth are all good :)

Seren got to touch and feel the water/air tube
Seren wanted to wear her super hero mask!

Then experience the suction or as Seren calls it 'the sucker.

Time for the cool sunglasses and bib.


One tooth, two teeth.......

We now are brushing with fluoride free Xylitol toothpaste and Xylitol mints the girls can  
Have 3 a day, which will help strengthen their teeth,

Seren did great, and she has to go next week for a tiny cavity to get and ozone treated.
And she will also get her Frenulum on her top lip/gum removed by laser.
Seren's frenulum is as not as severe as Carys's, which we will wait to do. 
All in all a good visit to the dentist, although next week's visit 
May be another different experience

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  1. Yay, sounds like they did pretty well on their trip to the dentist! (Probably a credit to the super hero mask ;)


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