Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Our New Home

Well after the craziness of packing, moving, daughters wedding and other daughter being here from Wales for her sisters wedding, start of new school year and the unpacking and settling in, I finally got round to snapping pictures of our home.

There is still walls to have the accent paint painted and pieces of furniture to buy for our home as there's more space to fill but that will take time and money lol

But for now here's how it looks.

Front entry and living room that one day will hold a floor to ceiling book shelf and mudroom.

Family room.

All is missing is to mount the tv on the wall, hang drapes, window casings and crown molding - in time.

View from family room into kitchen/dining room, that we're still waiting for our table and chairs to be delivered.

Loving my huge kitchen! 

Girls Bedroom

I made a flag banner and the heart wall hanging. 

Added a few paper lanterns.
We're still waiting on the girls beds!

I made some heart canvas art work to match the heart wall hanging
Will post how I made that and the canvas art too.

You might notice the pink bench by the window. It now holds the girls dress up clothes
 Click  HERE to see how I made it.

In the playroom I used my art abilities, been a long time since I did this.

I used the extra flag banners I made, then painted a tree and two little girls
opposite side of the chalk board that I made when we lived in Madison, WI

Master Bedroom
I think this wall would look good with reclaimed wood feature wall too and drapes.

Master Bath
Still needs tile work and painting the naval color.

Spare room - waiting on the wrought iron queen bed.

Downstairs loo. 
This still needs a feature wall..maybe reclaimed wood, tile or paint
Watch this space.


  1. Amazing home! So beautifully designed and decorated!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Laura :) Thank you. We're loving it here and having the space helps :) BIG TIME


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