Friday, October 14, 2016


Today my day started as usual. Waking up earlier than I wanted but hey I had to wake Seren and Carys up for school. 

Once that was accomplished (grudgingly by the girls I might add) I headed down to assemble breakfast and school lunch for Seren when I spotted through my kitchen windows...a most soul inspiring, word provoking sight.

I was quick enough to capture this beautiful sight over the Wasatch mountains as the minutes passed
You can see the subtle changes in color in each picture.

And it warms my heart and soul to be able to witness this, most mornings.

But today with the storm clouds gathering,
gave the sunrise an added exquisiteness that one can't deny that somehow each day brings a new hope.

And to know that there is NEVER one sunrise or sunset that are the same. 

Truly amazing!

I think these would look awesome printed out on a canvas for all to see.
Not to mention my amazing photography skill :)

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