Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mother, Daughters and Granddaughter At The Zoo

Today we had an all girl outing to  Hogle Zoo

First port of call

The Train ride. 

  Where we saw the Zebras, as well as the giraffes

My what a Long tongue you have!

Then we peeked at the new lions cubs! But alas they were sleeping!
Must of been the heat lol

Proud Papa Lion

Time to cool down with the misting fan!



This Monkey was not amused by the spectators!

See, I'm this big!

Only one elephant out today!

Wouldn't like to meet this Rhino in an alleyway lol

Say cheese!

Lunch time

Love Carys's smile here...she said, I'm smiling like the otter :)

Yeah, yeah we know all these people staring can be rather boring!

Always feel sorry for a polar bear living in a state that's a desert!

Hey you're in my way!

This bear was under tree while the other bear walked over him lol

Sleepy time!

Yum..these leaves are most delicous

To end the excursion we hit the Carrousel ride

Hey Ashton....Cool sunglasses

Selfie Time

Yeah, Yeah Ashton, 
We Love You Too

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