Monday, July 18, 2016

Cascade Springs

A tranquil setting for Bridal pictures or just a stroll with your family.

Even I can take a good picture with my iPhone 6

I was up there with my 2nd daughter Jade this past week for her Bridals and my youngest girls,
Seren and Carys and Jades daughter, my cute granddaughter, Paisley too.

I absolutely LOVE water and water falls, There is something spell binding about them.

Left to right
Paisley, Carys and Seren.

So high up you felt like you could reach up on your tippy toes and touch the clouds

And of course..the streams with crystal clear water that the girls just had to explore!

The water was really cold! 

Left to right
Carys, Paisley, Seren and Teylen 
(who is daughter to my sister's best friend, Keira who lives here, I hope I spelled her name right :/)

Keira's business is 

The girls loved the arched bridge over the larger waterfall!

All in all it was a wonderful day, even with Seren getting car sick and throwing up inside and outside of Jade's car.
 I will post my daughters Bridals/Wedding soon.

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