Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Fellow Writer

I wanted to do a blog post about an amazing writer, G. Jefferies. I first had the pleasure of reading his  body of work on a creative writing course. Which is a great place to start out to mold your writing talent.
Since then, we have shared ideas and bounced thoughts, doubts, characters and anything to do with writing.  

I am also lucky that he kindly encourages me about my book :) Also he takes the time to edit and proof my work, of which I am grateful to no end. As I need all the help I can get lol

I love reading Gary's style and in depth stories. They pull me in and leave me wanting more. I am sure if you read his work, you too will grow to love his stories and I tell you this, he has plenty of stories in that grey matter of his to share :)

You can follow him HERE : 

his awesome blog page -- Fiction is Food......
                                           -- Google+
                       Twitter is -- @GaryJefferies10 
                       Facebook  -- G Jefferies

So hop of over to one of his sites and get following  great new writer and bug him to publish:)


  1. I query your use of amazing budding writer. One merely puts words one after the other and arrives at something that folk may, or may not, want to read!! Thank you for the kind words however. They are most appreciated as are friends of a friend; even if I do bug you about yours !!!

    1. I changed the title and wording. You are a fellow writer -- and an amazing one at that. Those readers out there that love Tolkiens style will engulf your stories and love them :)


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