Thursday, August 29, 2013

Is being Famous, a reason to act this way?

I recently read a blog article about... Here is the link;

A Letter To Miley Cyrus.

I didn't watch the VMA'S but I watched the video of Miley's performance, on YouTube!! I was appalled at how Miley Cyrus conducted herself . I have a thirteen year old daughter, who loved to watch Hannah Montana.. And yes I even watched too and sang along at the catchy songs.... But to see how she has turned out now.. It's a sad, sad shame. Looking at her, Miley reminds me of a time when, Madonna turned heads and pushed the boundaries with her styles and music.. And Miley Cyrus, to me is doing the same thing, with her Bleached Blonde crazy haircut, to her bright red lipstick and seriously scantaly outfits...and a pull back to the 80's workout get-up.

 I was a teenager when 'Like a Virgin' burst onto the music scene and Yes, I did like the song ans sang along...but now as a mother I guess we can see how it really looks. So I would like at add to the Letter to Miley Cyrus, by saying...don't try to be like someone else.. be yourself ( although she may be doing just that) which is a shame. I would urge Miley to look at how, big teddy bears and grinding up on girls and guys and her dumb tongue sticking out, gives young girls and boys the WRONG way to behave...what does she think she looks like? ...singing about getting high, sex etc etc, is not the best for young and impressionable she once was.

I can only hope that, one day Miley will see a better way to get her music out there. As for me gosh dang it I can't her song out of my head...Goodness..these songs know how to get you, hook, line and beat !!!  LOL

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