Sunday, March 26, 2017

Seren Turns 7!

A month of birthdays is what March means to me :)

And this past week Seren celebrated her 7th birthday!

Again - Time has flown by just look how cute Seren is here aged 3! and is STILL just as cute now :)

Seren Choose Frozen as her theme too :) which made it easier for me as Carys went with the same theme - with a little help from me suggesting it ;)

The birthday girls chair.

Snowflake wands 

You can find all the links to how or where I got all my 'stuff' from to make the wands, tulle bench 
skirt, where I got the cake idea from etc on Carys' Frozen birthday blog post HERE

This time round I went with the jello in little pots :)

Thank you gifts bags

Snowflake Homemade Slime

Anna and Elsa making sure everything was in order for the perfect 


We also did Face painting  like we did for Carys' party 

Time for CAKE

Time for presents

Happy Birthday to our sweet 7 year old Seren
and of course Carys who also turned 5 on the 14th

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