Tuesday, March 26, 2019


How time flies. 

It can be a good feeling or quite the wake-up call of, wait another has flown by! 

But another year has flown by and once again both Seren and Carys have celebrated another birthday.

Carys turned 7 and Seren turned 9. And later this year, I have a birthday and nope, not going to lie, but there will be no elaborate decorations for me or me saying what age I'll be LOL

Anyways, back to my darling girls' parties. Carys wanted everything Unicorn, Seren everything Panda. As always when the girls want a themed party, I begin the planning process in January. Yes, you read that right - January. From ordering tulle from Giftsinternational who have such amazing prices, this is the only place now I buy my tulle etc. from. The dollar store is the place I buy all my white, party gift bags from, of which I then make the design match the theme.

I made all the banners for both girls' parties. Cardstock, tulle and printed panda pictures for Seren's party. Heart for Carys' which I used a craft punch for.

The cakes, I made using box mixes, tweaked to taste more like they came from a bakery, and I make my own frosting with cream cheese, marshmallow whip, a little powdered sugar, and heavy cream.

For both girls' we did Adopt a Unicorn and Panda. Each child got to choose a stuffed Unicorn (which I got from Amazon - HERE) or Panda, (I got from Ikea - HERE) use the name finder and make a unique name for their animal, make the name tag and get an adoption certificate. 

Anyway, here are the pictures from both girls' parties :)

                                         CARYS'S PARTY

                           Carys and her friends made Unicorn masks.

They Played Pin the Horn on the Unicorn
(Which I painted)

We had Pizza, Jello, cupcakes, cake, Gumballs, carrots, veggie straws, rainbow marshmallows

The Birthday Girl - Carys :)


I drew the Panda, and had my 18 yr daughter Ashton, paint it :)

For girls aged 9 - I though do fabric painting more fun for them then, making panda masks.

I got the Gildan T-shirts from Jo-Anns and Micheals when they were on sale or using 50%/40% coupons :)

We used fabric pens and black fabric paint that I got from Walmart - of which was like $3 for pk of two - one thick and one thin.

We had Pizza, tortilla chips, fortune cookies, Hello Panda cookies, jello, cupcakes to look like pandas, Choc rolls, choc strawberries, Gumballs, and marshmallows.

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  1. Wow very lovely! How fun and creative! Happy birthday Seren and carys!!


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