Saturday, May 21, 2016

House Update

So it's been a while since I did an update on our home that's being built.

We had our 4-way walk through. Then insulation was put in and the drive way, front steps and back patio poured. Then when I was over there on Thursday the sheet rock and mudding was done! Yea!

View from front door all the way to back of the house.
Stair railing has yet to go up.

View family room of the Kitchen 

The kitchen - double oven/ gas range side.

Upstairs landing/ bonus area. The banister still has to go up. 
You know - for safety and all that :)

This is the girls bedroom

Our master bath. The girls were appalled at how dirty the bath was lol

I said, once the builders are done they clean it so it sparkles :)

This is the spare bedroom.

This is our stone work for the outside.

I hope that this next phase will go quickly. The outside will get stucco and a fab stone work and sod.
Inside, paint, base boards and door surrounds, doors. Kitchen and bathroom will get done and the flooring/tile work. 

All exciting stuff :)

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