Saturday, May 21, 2016

Brown Farm Relief Society Birthday Social 2016

Our theme for this years Relief Society Birthday Social was

Few of our favorite things.

I know, I bet you're already singing...

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things,

The Sound Of Music. I had that tune running through my head for months while we planned this lol

So, we went with the Brown Paper Packages as the decor.

I made origami boxes using brown lunch sacks. Tied them with string and added the saying
brown paper packages that I printed off on card stock. Then the rest of the relief society board helped assemble, glue the remaining 60 boxes that I had prepared.

I made a poster from poster board.

Using more lunch sacks I cut out triangles to make a banner.
Bought large brown gifts bags from Zurchers for display on the food table

This was the front display.
I used some of 'My Favorite Things' to display.

Welsh Wool Blankets, Picture of Christ and a picture of the famous
Rain drops on Roses...etc which I purchased from Esty UK

One another table we had the sisters display, 'their fav things'
that they all had a chance to tell us about after the light dinner

For a little decor we strung paper lanterns I also picked up from Zurchers.

For dessert we assigned a sister to bring a centerpiece cake for the table. 
I must say they all looked yummy.

I made two.

A carrot Cake
before and after shot!
There wasn't any left by the time I went to get some lol

And the second one I made was a simple vanilla/strawberry cake.


Chocolate Oreo creation - that I had. it was so good.

Bundt Cake


German Chocolate

We also had two of the board members sing the song to and after we all joined  in

All in all the evening went great. Great food, great company, great fun.

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