Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Our Girl

This post isn't about any of our girls, but the BBC show that recently aired over there in Great Britain. It's called Our Girl and it stars Lacey Turner, who is famous for her role as Stacy in Eastenders and Ben Aldridge from Lark Rise to Candleford (Which I also loved). 

My sisters had originally told me all about it and its an army based show and that I should watch it. Now, living over here in the states, there are times when I crave that good old British drama and this was such a time.

Well, what can I say other than, I LOVED it! 


Now, you have to watch the prequel they did in 2013 then the five episodes that aired in September. If you go to the BBC online, because I live in the states it won't play :( Boohoo. So I had to resort to YouTube. It was a little frustrating with no sound for seconds or not a 100%  quality picture, but it was worth it. I binged watched it! And just you wait, ladies, until Captain James appears!

Be aware Our Girl it does have quite a few of the 'F' words dropped throughout the show as well as a few other choice words, yet, it gives us a glimpse of what Army life is about and what is is like for the troops based in Afghanistan.

If by the fans reaction has anything to do with it, then this BBC hit will have a 3rd season next year. 

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