Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dress up time for our little Princess's

I've been slow this year with  crafting for my blog, but with limited space in our apartment and all the other crafts I did last year, I have to be creative as to what I can do these days.

And with the girls princess dress growing in number and the dress up box becoming overflowing, it was time to do something or should I say, make something to fix it.

I got these cute little wrought iron shelves from Hobby Lobby on sale for $7.50

I had some left over wood, I measured it the same length as the two shelves together.
Cut it and sanded the edges.

Used, Black Krylon Primer and Paint, gave it a couple of good coats, making sure it dries 
Between coats.

I used a couple of D-rings on the back

Then screwed the shelves to the wood and hung it up in the girls wall.
I did drill holes and used plastic wall plugs and screws.

And easy peasy lemon squeezy, you have an easy and quick place for the girls to hand
Their pretty Princess dress and play Dress Up.

The shelf on top serves as a nice little place for the girls crowns and jewelry. 

Seren was quick to point out that there were 2 hooks free.
Her response was, "I'm going to ask Santa to bring me an Elsa dress and an Anna dress for Carys."

It's a good thing I 'know' that Santa has already got them for them! ;)

Seren as happy as can be and I must say that these dresses are getting much more use, 
Now, that the girls can actually see the dress's and the clean up time after being good practice for when they get older and have to hang their clothes up and that they don't belong on the floor!

I made a quick flower hanging so the girls can hand their necklaces on.

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