Sunday, July 14, 2013

Shabby Chic Side Table Makeover

Lately I am on a revamp roll. I have just finished another painting revamp. Under each of the pictures, I will post the instructions. The only thing left I have to do is give my side round table a coat of sealant.

So to start with I used Krylon white primer and paint . It took three coats over the black, with a gentle sanding in between each coat...again I forgot the before pic!! Duh me.

 After letting the base coats dry, I used Glidden Vanilla shake paint, from Walmart. It took two coats. I also gave the door knobs a light coat, using the same paint.

Now they do say many hands make light work! Carys bless her little cotton socks, wanted to help sand :) The end picture is me at the end of 1 hour of sanding to make it look shabby. Carys lasted all of five minutes, then she decided, her toys were much more fun!!! Than mammy's project!


I used the serving tray I made, to take this picture. I liked how it looked, I am now going to make a smaller serving tray, for my round table. 

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